Battery Care Tips

  1. Charge your new battery overnight (14-16 hours) before using it. This is referred to as "initializing"; doing so will allow you to obtain maximum battery capacity.
  2. When using a rapid charger, leave the battery in the charger for an additional 1-2 hours after the green light appears.
  3. DO NOT leave your radio and battery in the charger when charging is not needed. Continuous charging will shorten battery life.
  4. Charge a battery only when it has been fully discharged.
  5. DO NOT return fully charged batteries to the charger for an "extra boost". This action will significantly reduce battery life.
  6. Allow the battery to stabilize to room temperature before charging. Charging below 40° F and above 104° F will decrease battery life.

Battery Storage Information

  1. New batteries can be stored up to two years without significant cycle loss.
  2. Store new batteries at room temperature, in a cool dry area.
  3. Batteries which have been in storage should be charged overnight prior to use.